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Zazenkai offers an increased period of practice to help us increase our relationship with our own deep nature. There are longer sitting periods, a full service, formal breakfast, practice Interview, a Dharma talk and work practice.

Zazenkai is offered the first Sunday of every month. Please confirm via the calendar.

Zazenkai begins promptly at 5:30 AM. So please arrive at 5:15 to prepare yourself. We will engage in noble silence throughout. Everyone is invited and encouraged to attend. There is a $25 recommended donation for participation.

Zazenkai Schedule

 5:30  = Asa (service)
 6:00  = Zazen
 7:30  = Breakfast/Break
 8:30  = Zazen
 9:00  = Dharma Interview/Zazen
10:30 = Break
10:40 = Dharma Talk
11:30 = Close



Zazenkai will be streamed for people outside the Portland area.  If participating from home please keep the following in mind ...

  • Everyone is encouraged to remain silent at home throughout the morning, eschewing use of computers, cells phones, radios, et al.

  • The schedule is listed above. All times,  with the exception of Asa (morning chants) are approximate.

  • Dokusan is NOT offered to online participants.

Register for Zazenkai

(Please only register if attending in person. There is no need to register if attending via Cloud Zendo.)


Sesshin is an intensive period of practice that is an essential component of living a committed Zen life. The forms and practices that help us sustain access to our deep nature extend throughout the day with multiple hours of zazen, interview (dokusan), teisho (Dharma talk) and work practice.

Summer Sesshin at No-Rank Zen Temple

July 12 at 5:00 PM through July 19 Noon

Autumn Sesshin at Gwinwood

Oct. 11 at 5:00 PM through Oct. 18 Noon

Rohatsu Sesshin at Gwinwood

January 17 at 5:00 PM through January 24 Noon

Spring Sesshin at Gwinwood

April 4 at 5:00 PM through April 11 Noon


Register for Sesshin

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 You will also shortly receive an e-mail confirming your registration

Refund Policy

50% refund until a week before the event.
No refunds after that except for medical or other emergencies.
If teacher or NRZ cancels the event, full refunds will be offered to all participants.

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