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Portland Oregon Zen Buddhism
Rinzai Gigen Zenji

"There is one True Person of no rank, always coming out and going in through the gates of your face. If you have not yet testified to this, look! Look!"


Portland Dhamma Center

1404 SE 25th Ave.
(corner of SE 25th and Madison)
Portland, OR 97214

Regular Practice Times


7:00PM Service and meditation followed by teisho  (Dharma talk).


7:00PM Service and meditation with dokusan (teacher meeting) 



6:00AM, Noon, & 8:00PM

Cloud Zendo (Online)


No-Rank Zendo

A Rinzai Zen Buddhist Sangha

Our New Home Temple
Please click below for information regarding the purchase of our new Home Temple and how you might support us in its founding.

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