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Cloud Zendo

Cloud Zendo is our online, streaming zendo. We offer regular zazen periods on weekdays at 6:00 AM, Noon and 8:00 PM.


We offer public streaming of our regular Wednesday and Sunday evening community sits.


Monthly online zazenkai is also streamed via Cloud Zendo. Please feel free to join us.

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Passcode = "zazen"

The virtual zendo is accessible via Zoom which can be downloaded onto a computer, tablet or smart phone simply by selecting the link. Zoom will then ask to be installed.


  • It is best to meditate while not directly in front of your screen but with the screen still showing your body and posture somehow.

  • Please turn the camera toward your face for Dharma discussion and teisho.

  • Everyone except for the head of zendo will automatically be muted upon entering.  Please leave yourself muted (even during chanting).

  • It may be wise to play around with the app prior to the actual sit to familiarize yourself with the settings -- although some options  may not be available without others also online.

Chant Cards

Click here for a copy of the chant service full page PDF, and here for a copy in booklet form (which must be printed double sided, short-edge binding and folded to form a traditional chant book).

For those unfamiliar with the forms, each zazen period begins with a clap, followed by four bells. A period is closed with one bell and two claps. The stretch break will last for about two minutes, after which there will be another clap and four bells. Again, the period will close with a bell and two claps.


You may join in with the chant or simply listen, but everyone except the chant leader will  be muted. 

A series of bells will then mark the end of each chanting period indicating sanpai (Buddhist prostrations acknowledging Buddha, Dharma and Sangha). If you have not been to our public zendo, the form is as follows:  after a series of bells, there is a single bell indicating that it is time to bow followed by a clank indicating it is time to stand again. We do this three times. Three final bells  indicates a final bow to the altar.



For more information, select the Zoom FAQ. Or contact Onsetsu Cordes.



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