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Zendo in the Park
Currently Meeting at the park and streamed via Cloud Zendo.

Portland Zen Buddhism Zazen

No-Rank Zendo meets on Saturday mornings for informal Zazen at Mt. Tabor Park in South East Portland. The zazen period begins at 7:00 AM and ends around 8:00 AM. Participants are encouraged to bring a thermos of coffee or tea for socializing afterwards.

We meet in the gravel area of the ampitheater (indicated with a star on the map below). If it is raining, we meet under the pavilion found in the nearby "Picnic Area A."

  • Zendo in the Park is year-round. When rainy, we sit on picnic benches under the pavilion. When cold, feel free to bundle up with hats and socks.

  • Although the park opens at 7:00, the gates are usually still closed at that time. For this reason, please enter the park via Yamhill or Belmont and 69th. You can take a right off of 69th into the park up to the closed gate, which is then a short walk to where we meet.

  • Please bring your own sitting supplies and a cloth or tarp to put on the ground.


Due to the destruction of the pavilion at Mt. Tabor, we are currently meeting at Peninsula Park in NE Portland.

Please find either under one of the pavilions there (during rainy weather) or in a spot on the grass between the two.

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