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Zendo in the Park
Currently Meeting at the park and streamed via Cloud Zendo.

Portland Zen Buddhism Zazen

No-Rank Zendo meets on Saturday mornings for informal Zazen at Mt. Tabor Park in South East Portland. The zazen period begins at 7:00 AM and ends around 8:00 AM. Participants are encouraged to bring a thermos of coffee or tea for socializing afterwards.

We meet in the gravel area of the ampitheater (indicated with a star on the map below). If it is raining, we meet under the pavilion found in the nearby "Picnic Area A."

  • Zendo in the Park is year-round. When rainy, we sit on picnic benches under the pavilion. When cold, feel free to bundle up with hats and socks.

  • Although the park opens at 7:00, the gates are usually still closed at that time. For this reason, please enter the park via Yamhill or Belmont and 69th. You can take a right off of 69th into the park up to the closed gate, which is then a short walk to where we meet.

  • Please bring your own sitting supplies and a cloth or tarp to put on the ground.


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