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Sutra Studies

Though Zen is a transmission "outside of scriptures," the utility of scripture (sutra) study is often lost on Zen practitioners. Buddhism has a rich and varied past. Understanding of the traditions and the teachings can help lead a practitioner on the way. We generally meet the second Sunday of every month. Check the calendar for confirmation


Recovery Meeting

Realizing Liberation

The heart of Buddhist practice asks us to look at our addictions, most predominantly our addiction to "self." While we all suffer from habitual and addictive aspects of our lives, some of us have struggled more directly and specifically with certain substances (alcohol, marijuana, opiates) or to addictive behaviors (what are called process addictions: sex, gambling, shopping, codependency).

The prime avenue for facing these sorts of addictions are through community support groups such as AA, NA, Alanon, Rational Recovery, or Dharma Recovery. But our efforts at connection and support do not have to end there.

In an effort to support our No-Rank Sangha members in recovery, we've begun the No-Rank Recovery Group. It is an informal gathering of Sangha members sharing their experience of recovery within the frame of zen practice.

The group meets each Saturday from 9:00 am to 10:00 am and is an opportunity to share from life, practice, literature, or whatever is alive in the moment. It starts with five minutes of zazen, followed by a sharing circle.

For more information, contact Keizan (

As Buddhist practitioners, our task is to remove the veil of preconceptions from our eyes. There are few preconceptions that cause more suffering than those of racism, misogyny, sexism and other forms of cultural prejudice. It is incumbent upon those of us living with the great vow to care for all beings to investigate and combust our own traces of bias and prejudice and to help support a world free from prejudice. 

Toward this end, No-Rank Zendo is commited to projects that promote social justice and healing.

The Realizing Liberation group is centered on offering resources and educational opportunities for our communtiy to help us better clarify ourselves and serve the world. Founding itself in principles established by Bernie Glassman's Zen Peacemakers (not knowing, bearing witness and taking action) , the group offers learning units that all members are welcome to participate in.  Each unit will involve education, investigation and action.

Please look for additional information in our monthly newsletter.

Refund Policy

50% refund until a week before the event.
No refunds after that except for medical or other emergencies.
If teacher or NRZ cancels the event, full refunds will be offered to all participants.

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