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No-Rank Zendo

No-Rank Zendo is a Portland Oregon Based Rinzai Zen Buddhist Temple headed by Rinzan Pechovnik, an Osho in the Rinzai Zen tradition.  ​Meditation service is twice a week, Wednesday and Sunday nights at 7:00. Service begins with traditional chanting (chant cards provided) followed by two half hour zazen (meditation) periods.


The name of our sitting group, "No-Rank Zendo," is based on a saying by Rinzai Gigen Zenji, the ancestor for whom our lineage is named. He says:


"There is one true person of no rank, always coming out and going in through the gates of your face. Beginners, if you have not witnessed that, look! Look!"


This is the essence of Zen practice, to sit, to look and to see that true person. It is in honor of this that our Zen group is named.


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