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No-Rank Zendo's New Home Temple

No-Rank Zendo has recently purchased a church at 75 NE Wygant St. in Portland, Oregon that will soon be our new home.


Our goal is create a sustainable home temple for the practice and sharing of Rinzai Zen Buddhism. Through zazen (seated meditation) and koan study (introspection), Zen practice helps cultivate a mind of peace and clarity. It helps us open to a deep and caring relationship with the world as it is and to support our great vow to care for all beings.


This starts with caring of our own home temple. 


Currently, we are doing major upgrades and remodeling to make it appropriate to use as our practice center. The building, though solid in its bones, has a lot of surface damage and needs care ... including new electrical, HVAC, plumbing, painting, kitchen upgrades, additional bathrooms and other breakout rooms. Already, we're diving into the project and hope to have it ready to serve as our practice center by the new year.


Please know that No-Rank Zendo is completely non-profit and that neither the teacher, priest nor any member makes any personal gain. All donations are returned to the community to help support practice and the sharing of Buddha-Dharma.


Can you support us? Any amount helps. 

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