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Odayaka Sesshin 2019 Crew. A great group

Ananda asked the Buddha, "Is it true that

good fellowship is half the holy life?"

"No Ananda," the Buddha replied,

"good fellowship is the

entirety of the holy life."



Becoming a member of No-Rank Zendo serves multiple purposes. On one level, it solidifies one's practice intent by establishing a sense of commitment to community. Though membership requires nothing of members beyond dues payment, even this helps one to feel a sense of belonging and investment. On another level, it  helps support our community of practitioners by establishing fellowship and commitment to one another.

Membership confers practical benefits including reduced rates for retreats and other offerings, increased contact with the teacher, priority reservation for sesshin, and access to our member group forum.

Membership requires only a commitment to the sangha and some level of financial support. The recommended donation is $100 a month per member, but people are asked to pay what they can. (Of note, no one associated with No-Rank Zendo receives a salary or stipend of any kind - including the Osho. All donations go toward rent, supplies and offerings.)

Please fill out the following form if you are interested in becoming a member:

Membership Form

Set up a monthly PayPal 


Form of Payment

Make Checks to:

No-Rank Zendo

2030 NE 47th Ave.

Portland OR 97213

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Thanks for becoming a member!

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